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Series 4100 Digital Boxcar Systems (Obsolete)
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The 4100 series of Boxcar Signal Averagers is made up of NIM standard modules plugged into a NIM bin and power supply.

A system consists of boxcar averager module(s), ADC/display module(s), NIM frame and power supply, and optional software interconnected to produce a number of configurations, ranging from a simple single channel static gate system to a complex multi-channel system running under computer control. Systems can be upgraded by adding extra modules to increase the number of input channels.

The systems are supported by our Acquire Data Acquisition Software (revision 3.10 or later) for use in both static-gate and waveform recovery modes, as well as by free LabVIEW drivers. The driver and a demonstration version of the software, DemoAcquire, are available by free download from this site.

All systems feature:
  • 1.5 ns sample gate width
  • 400 MHz input bandwidth
  • 50 Ω DC and 1 MΩ DC and AC input impedance
  • 20 ns intrinsic delay
  • 80 kHz maximum trigger rate
  • Externally controllable analog delay
  • 20 mV sensitivity
Boxcar averager systems often need a lot of interconnecting cables, so we also offer a Cable Accessory Kit for your convenience.

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