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Model 9306-P 1-GHz Preamplifier

The Model 9306-P 1-GHz Preamplifier is optimized for fast timing and counting applications with detectors that deliver pulses with ultra-fast rise times. An output rise time of 350 ps and a non-inverting gain of 100 make the Model 9306-P deal for use with microchannel plates, microchannel-plate photomultipliers, channeltrons, silicon diodes, fast photomultiplier tubes, and electron multipliers. The compact preamplifier case with captive power cord permits close coupling to the detector to minimize sensitivity to environmental noise.

To preserve the ultra-fast rise time, the Model 9306-P is designed to accept and deliver signals on high-quality, 50-Ω coaxial cables with SMA connectors and 50-Ω terminations. The input is ac-coupled, with a 50-Ω input impedance, and is protected to a maximum of ±1 V. Two identical outputs are provided for convenient, simultaneous connection to two different instruments. Both outputs are ac-coupled, short-circuit protected, and capable of driving pulse amplitudes from 0 to -2 V into 50-Ω loads.

The Model 9306-P 1-GHz Preamplifier derives its +24-V dc power from a NIM module or power supply via the captive power cord and standard, 9-pin, D connector. The Model 4002P Portable Power Supply and most NIM amplifiers provide the required power on a compatible preamplifier power connector.

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